To protect the historic integrity of the church, we ask that you be aware of and help to enforce the following guidelines:

  1. Please, no food or beverages in the Sanctuary.  You may freely enjoy food and beverages in the Parish Hall.
  2. For obvious reasons, we do not allow smoking or firearms in any part of the church building.


             What size of wedding will the church accommodate?

The seating capacity of our church is 120 adults, not including the wedding party.   It is recommended that the Wedding party include no more than six attendants due to space limitations. 

            What kind of ceremony does the church offer?

We encourage each couple to take an active role in designing their own ceremony, insuring that every ceremony is a unique expression of their relationship.   We have several different resources available for your use and will work with you to help you design a ceremony that is unique.

            How much time does the ceremony take?

Depending on your preferences, the ceremony and preparation may take from one to three hours.  The actual ceremony usually takes from twenty to thirty minutes.

            What about photographers?

Since the ceremony is a sacred and intimate experience, we ask that your photographer(s) limit their picture taking to the processional, recessional and the wedding kiss.  You may also have someone tape your ceremony provided that the equipment is kept stationary.   You may schedule your wedding portraits before or after the ceremony remembering the time constraints involved. We are happy to work with your photographer to insure that you have plenty of meaningful memories of your ceremony.

            May we decorate the church?

Our church is a historic site so decorations are limited to flowers and pew bows with elastic bands.  We ask that no decorations be secured with adhesive tape, the chemical damages the surfaces.   All decorations must be removed by the end of your allotted time in the church since we sometimes have multiple weddings on the same day.

            Do we require a pre-marriage meeting with the Minister?

If you have chosen to use the VSC Minister, we ask that all couples arrange a meeting to insure that we are providing you with a personalized ceremony and you will be comfortable on your big day.

            May we use our own Minister?

It is strongly encouraged that you make use of our resident Minister, however, if you have other clergy that is special to you we are happy to accommodate your request to officiate at your ceremony.

            May we throw rice?

Unfortunately, this time old tradition has proven to be a hazard for our local wildlife and ask that you refrain from throwing rice or bird seed.  We suggest that your guests use soap bubbles or ring bells as you leave the church.